Spring Style Secrets: Master the Art of Seamlessly Switching Your Home Decor

As seen in Elf (Enjoy Life to the Fullest) Magazine, produced by The Keene Sentinel.

There is something so invigorating about throwing open the windows on the first warm day of the year. You’ve been hearing spring songs from above in the trees and the squish-squash of your shoes and you know it’s coming. There’s a light breeze through the house scented by mud and sunshine. Spring is here and I bet you’re feeling the urge to bring fresh spring style to your home. 

This season always motivates me to look around at the familiar scene in my house and envision a lighter, brighter version. Not long ago, we packed up the holiday decor and put wooden hearts on the mantle for Valentine’s. Now the truth is, I am restless and ready to switch it up. Aren’t you? 

With a bit of effort, artfulness, and a little secret know-how, your place can go from cozy (and cooped up) to spacious spring style. Here goes! 

Step 1: It’s Called Spring Cleaning for a Reason

If you’re like me, you automatically go into a Zen mindset, decluttering anytime (and multiple times) between Valentine’s Day and Easter. I get out all the empty bins and fill them with my flannel throw pillows, chunky blankets, and snow gear. I tuck away the last of the pine cones, faux evergreens, and the inevitable holiday decor item floating around. 

Then I dive into closets, dressers, and bureaus, sorting for still-good items that are no longer needed. These go to good-will, the shed for a soon-to-come garage sale, or a thrift shop. With the freed up space, I store away newly acquired items that haven’t found permanent-out of sight homes. You know, the much loved but in-the-way items (aka clutter)?

Now, take a deep breath from that open window, look around and notice how much lighter everything already feels. Ah.

Step 2: Spring Style Secrets

The key here is having a base of multi-functional home decor you can seamlessly transition from one season to the next. Think of a wide palette of calm neutrals. Then add your seasonal style and personal color preferences. 

For example I might transition the same vase from winterberry to pussywillows. Or a cream couch with a flannel throw pillows to a light green or blue floral pattern. Or a distressed wooden frame from cardinals in the snow to bright green ferns. You’re getting the idea now! 

Here’s a pro tip: Faux tulips, peonies, poppies, and daffodils are clean and affordable, and reusable year after year. I especially like to line up a row of vintage bottles or ceramic muck-boots for a classic New England feel. 

While I love the ease and mess-free nature of faux florals, spring simply demands fresh blooms added. Grocery stores are teeming with affordable bouquets if you don’t have a lilac or forsythia bush at the ready. 

My secret here is to bring in a handful of not-ready-yet branches to force them to bloom. Here’s how from the University of New Hampshire Extension

You can also pick up inexpensive leftover hyacinth, tulip, or daffodil bulbs and line a south window with small colorful vases for forcing bulbs in the spring, unless you planned ahead and tucked a few in pots in the basement to bring upstairs to bloom before the garden thaws out. 

With any luck, our streets will be lined with light-pink apple trees and bright pink azaleas in short order as our happy place once again says farewell to winter and hello to the softness of spring. Meanwhile, enjoy renewing your home’s spring style in a way that is all your own. 

April 9, 2024

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